Indian Fashion Accessories That Never Go Out of Style

Indian fashion accessories complete a Desi look. Accessories add bling to your look making it more attractive. They have been a vital fashion article in India since old times. Be it a Bindi or a necklace; each one has its beauty which complements your outfit. We always want our readers to learn something new and be a Fashionista. So this time we bring you the list of Indian Fashion accessories we can never get bored of.

Here are the Indian Fashion Accessories that never go out of Fashion :

1. Earrings or Bali:

Indian Fashion Accessories


Traditional jhumkis or stud or dangler or any of the types, an Earring is never out of fashion. An earring is the one among the Indian fashion accessories which complete your look. Pair them with a saree, lehenga or suit and see how it adds to the whole personality. An earring is not an option but a must for the entire look.

2. Maang Tikka

Indian Fashion Accessories

An accessory worn on the center parting line of women’s hair, maang tikka is an ornament with a hook at one end and pendant at the other. It is is among the age-old Indian fashion accessories which are still in fashion and will always continue to be one. We often see people wearing it on special occasions like marriages, pujas, etc.

3.  Necklace or Haar

Indian Fashion Accessories

A variety of necklaces in the Indian fashion industry like Choker, Rani Haar, Satlada, etc. are found. A necklace not only adds to your look but occupies a central place which can define or change the entire look. Indian women love buying, collecting and wearing necklaces. From real like gold or diamond to artificial, necklaces always find a place among women’s most loved Indian fashion accessories.

4. Bindi

Indian Fashion Accessories


Bindi is a colored dot worn on the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows. We have seen our grandmothers, mothers, and aunts wearing them and it still hasn’t lost its essence. Bindi is among the Indian fashion accessories that have a religious significance, and now it has also become a fashion statement. Be it traditional ethnic wear or indo-western fusion wear; bindi goes with everything.

5. Bangles or Kada

Indian Fashion Accessories


Bangles are traditional accessory usually made of metal, wood, glass or plastic. A girl may wear it as a Choora on her wedding day or bangles to accessorize her look for an occasion. We see many married women wearing bangles or kada because bangles have traditional value in India. The beauty and sound of bangles is timeless.

6. Anklet or Payal

Indian Fashion Accessories

Anklet or Payal is an ornament worn around the ankle. These will make your ankle look beautiful. We can wear it with any Indian outfit like saree or suit or lehenga. These come as a pair, but for the modern look, many women wear them on one ankle. The style may change, but anklet never goes out of fashion.

These Indian fashion accessories are never going out of style. They have always managed to go hand in hand with the changing fashion trends and have modified itself accordingly. The Indian fashion is incomplete without these accessories.

Ladies do comment below and let us know which Indian fashion accessories according to you are never going out of style?

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