Meet Mrs India Karnataka Runner Up 2018 | An Artist turned Beauty Queen

“Behind a successful woman – is her determination to conquer the challenges, and make her dreams come true.”, says Archana Kapoor Nagpal, Mrs India Karnataka Runner Up 2018.

Mrs India Karnataka Runner Up
Archana Kapoor Nagpal Crowned by Mrs Asia Pacific Personality 2017

A beauty pageant is not only about awarding the external beauty but it also incorporates intelligence, personality, and talent. One such beauty is Mrs. Archana Kapoor Nagpal who is crowned Mrs India Karnataka 2018 Second Runner Up.

Archana is not just a pretty face. She’s an artist, writer, chocolate maker and apparel designerShe’s also a fitness freak and has won the title of Mrs India Karnataka 2018 Body Beautiful.

Life is unexpected and full of opportunities. Archana’s determination and efforts towards her goal is the reason why she deserved wearing that crown. Her ‘never give up’ attitude provided her with such a beautiful platform of Mrs India Karnataka. Such initiatives no doubt provide a stage to queens like her to conquer.


Mrs India Karnataka is an initiative by Pratibha Saunshimath, who was Classic Mrs. Asia International, Mrs Photogenic and Mrs India 2015 to bring out the talented and beautiful women of Karnataka, to the forefront.

                                   Mrs India Karnataka Director Mrs India Karnataka

Find out what Archana has to say about this beautiful journey.

Q. How did your journey as Mrs. Karnataka 2018 Runner-up started?

It has been a fantastic journey that began with a ‘selfie queen’ contest held in 2017 under the umbrella of ‘Mrs India Karnataka’ by our Director, Pratibha Saunshimath who is Hosting Mrs India Karnataka successfully from 2015. 

Out of some 100 entries – two winners were announced that included me as one of them. I got the place right into the finals held in March 2018. After a vigorous grooming through workshops as a part of Mrs India Karnataka pageant – and different rounds to test every contestant’s skills and talent – I was fortunate to be titled as ‘Mrs India Karnataka Runner Up 2018’, and ‘Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful 2018’. So far, it has been a beautiful journey and value addition to my learning curve.

Q. What was your biggest fear in this journey?

I am a very optimistic person and blessed with a positive attitude towards life. Well, as a person, I always believe there are no words like ‘problem’ or ‘fear’ in my dictionary of life.

I believe in the word ‘challenge’ as it reflects my determination to achieve an objective or a goal. Hence, the biggest challenge for me in this journey was to make sure that I give my best – indeed more than 100 percent, and get the crown home!

Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful – Archana Kapoor Nagpal

Mrs India Karnataka


Q. What kept you motivated throughout your journey in the competition?

My desire to wear the crown! In short – I wanted to make my family proud, and it was my love for my people that kept me motivated. To an extent, I wanted a platform to support my idea of working for the society – and recognition helps you to address more significant issues more naturally.

I have been associated with different NGOs for different causes – and the motivation came from the idea to support these NGOs in a better way.

Q. Being a writer, artist and now Mrs India Karnataka Runner-up, what would you like to convey to all women out there?

I think every woman is a unique creation of God. Every woman is born with different characteristic(s) that defines her personality. As a woman, I struggle between home and work – and it is the same for many of us out there.

But it is this journey of being someone’s wife, an employee, a mother, a social worker, a writer, an artist and now a pageant winner that defines my life. I love it – and that is the message to all the women out there – love your work, love yourself, and ‘it is one life, use it well.’ Do not stop exploring new things at any age, and do not surrender to your commitments at the cost of desires.

Beautiful Paintings by Archana …

Mrs India Finalist Archana With her Paintings

Q. Who is your inspiration?

I think my inspiration is of many people around the globe. I am deeply inspired by Mother Teresa, an epitome of selfless love and immense kindness. A quote by her reminds me of the strength of ‘US’ over ‘I,’ and it inspires me to be more connected to my roots and my people. “I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa.

Q. How do you manage all the stuff together?

I am blessed with the capacity of doing multiple tasks at the same time. I assume it is about time management and resource allocation. Above all I am entirely inspired by a quote that keeps me moving throughout the day – ‘Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.’( A P J Abdul Kalam ).

Q. You are an apparel designer as well, what fashion advice would you like to convey to all?

In 2016, a US firm picked my artwork to deboss on their apparels. The first thought that came to my mind was that my artwork should cater to clothing for every woman from a working woman to a proud homemaker. So, when it comes to me as a person, I prefer to be comfortable in my skin, and that’s the whole idea of being a fashionista.

Just wear what you can carry well, and be comfortable in your skin. Follow the fashion but not at the cost of your comfort. Look respectable whatever you wear. In the end – wear your attitude!

Archana wearing her own design…

           Mrs India Karnataka Second Runner Up

Q. What is your most significant achievement?

It is yet to come. If I think I have achieved everything – I might stop my growth, so I truly believe ‘best is yet to happen’!

Q. Elaborate your contribution as a writer?

I was honored an ‘Honourable Mention’ by Hindi Sahitya Academy at the age of 17 – and from there started my journey as a writer. I have been a corporate slave for nine years until I chose to write as a full-time profession and is proud to be an internationally published author of four books :

  • 14 Pearls of Inspiration
  • The Road to a Positive Life
  •  A Haiku Per Day
  • The Fragrance of a Beautiful Life

I often participate in writing contests. My pieces of work are now part of 13 international anthologies – and published in more than 100 journals. I have been a columnist for Friday Gurgaon for 2012-2014 with 30+ write-ups in my bucket of writing.

I took up the role of an editor with Author’s United in 2013 – a publishing unit based in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2013 – I have edited six anthologies for Author’s United.

Archana’s First Book ’14 Pearls of Inspiration’…

Q. Do you think that a family plays a role behind a successful woman?

India is a country that is driven by social and family values. Being a proud Indian – I am quite family oriented as well. I come from a family where women are given liberty to live their dreams to the fullest. I am blessed to be married to a man who supports indeed decides my learning curve more than me.

In short, my journey has been possible because of the support of my family, and it is an achievement cherished by my family, more than me. Indeed, behind any successful woman, the support of family is indispensable. But at the same time – a woman has to balance between family and her dreams.

Q. Do you think that married women in our society fear to pursue her dreams?

I think it would be incorrect to quote ‘married’ or ‘unmarried’ here as I have met many unmarried women who fear to pursue their dreams. But yes I do agree that for married women in any society – there are more challenges concerning commitments and social responsibilities that do impact their idea to pursue their dreams.

But at the same time, we have examples to quote about women who did exceptionally great being a wife, and a mother such as Mary Kom. It is an individualistic approach of a person.

Archana during Mrs India Karnataka 2018 Competition…

Archana Kapor Nagpal - Mrs India 2018 Finalist

Q. What makes you happy?

Spending time with my family that I rarely get is what makes me happy! A good book, a cup of coffee and my canvas – are my real treasure of happiness.

Q. What are your plans in future?

Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. Indeed, a year ago – Mrs India Karnataka pageant was not in my agenda. I am a person who takes life as it comes, and who never have Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work. But after winning the title – I see myself as more responsible towards the society to cater to areas that need or have a room of improvement like government hospitals, healthcare industry wherein I want to recommend changes.

I have been actively involved in designing my ideas to the level of execution to address the respective government bodies. And, yes I have few exciting opportunities to walk the ramp, fashion choreography, writing assignments, public appearances, and et al. At the same time – I am preparing for Mrs India scheduled in Chennai in July 2018.


We Congratulate Archana on her achievement and wish her for Mrs India 2018. She’s a perfectionist. No doubt she’s going to give tough competition to all other contestants.

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