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We live in a world where most of the people are suffering from depression or can’t find solutions to their problems. Life is full of challenges & uncertainties, and all you need in such difficult times is a spiritual healer who could help you to deal with these obstacles and provide solutions. We’ve found one such person for you. Preeti Malhotra Comar is one of the Best Tarot Card Reader in India.

Best Tarot Card Reader: Preeti Malhotra Comar

Preeti’s mission is to bring happiness and positive changes in the lives of people with her profound psychic knowledge. She has been practicing Tarot for past 8 years. She has also been awarded ‘Women of Substance — The Constitution Club of India’.

Best Tarot Card Reader
Preeti Malhotra Comar with TV Celebrity Pratham Kunwar during her Tarot Session

Preeti’s journey to becoming the Best Tarot Card Reader was destined. She did her post-graduation in Psychology & Education (Hons.) from Rani Birla University, Kolkata.

Apart from being the Best Tarot Card Reader, she also specializes in Numerology, Crystal Ball Gazing, Crystal Healing, Realm reading, candle manifestation, remedies, enhancing techniques and many other therapies. She is also an Occultist and in the field of Clairvoyance.

Healing Heights is Preeti’s Brand which she runs along with her sister-in-law Reema Comar. Through Healing Heights, she tries to help a lot of people. She also offers a number of healing products under the Brand like Crystals, Healing Oils, Prosperity & Healing candles, etc.

Click here to view and order the healing products.

Best Tarot Card Reader - Healing Products
Preeti’s Client Candle Ritual Result

In addition to helping people to overcome their problems through spiritual ways, Preeti makes sure that her clients adopt the positive attitude in life. She’ll not only provide you with the solution but will be there for you till you implement those in your life and get results. This is the reason why she has a large client base globally.

Though Preeti is based out of Shimla, she is always hosting her sessions and events across various cities in India. She also organizes various online workshops for her clients in different cities and countries.

You’ll always find her connected to her clients in one or the other way. No doubt, she is one of the Best Tarot Card Reader.

Best Tarot Card Reader - Preeti in Hyderabad
Preeti Malhotra Comar with Celebrity Guests in Hyderabad

Preeti is a firm believer in Women Empowerment and believes that every woman has the power to make her own destiny. She is a life coach and has brought a significant and positive change in women’s lives.

She is also socially involved and tries to give her best to the society. The Best Tarot Card Reader is also a well-known face in ELLE Official Breast Cancer Awareness events.

Best Tarot Card Reader Preeti at ELLE
Preeti at ELLE Breast Cancer Awareness Event
Preeti with Bigg Boss 7 Contestant Vivek Mishra at ELLE Event

Preeti’s commitment towards her work and clients is very much clear from her journey. We also found amazing client reviews about her work making it more evident that she is one of the Best Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer & Life Coach.

Here are some of the reviews:

Best Tarot Card Reader- Review by Prabhackar Sinha
Actor Prabhackar Sinha’s Testimonial for Preeti 


Review of Best Tarot Card Reader Preeti by Actor Pratham Kunwar
Review by Actor Pratham Kunwar


Best Tarot Card Reader Preeti Review by a client
Prachi Garg, a client Reviewed Preeti’s Work


Review of Best Tarot Card Reader Preeti by Actor Raj Singh
Actor Raj Singh appreciating Preeti’s Work


What else would one wish for if they have an amazing healer like Preeti Malhotra Comar? Life will have ups and downs; we just need to learn the ways to deal with it.

Preeti is the epitome of goodness with great knowledge. Believe me; I am saying this from my personal experience because even I am one of her clients. If you also wish to bring a positive change in your life, then she is the right person.

Everybody wants results. But it’s important to be Patient“, says Preeti. You just need to believe her and everything else will fall into place.

You can get in touch with Best Tarot Card Reader – Preeti Malhotra Comar on Facebook & Instagram because geographical boundaries don’t matter anymore.

Wishing everyone success, happiness & a wonderful life!

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